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Its time to indulge in you. Every woman deserves the "Red Carpet Look" once in a while and Daylesford Makeup Services can get you ready for your personal Night at the Oscars.

Whatever your makeup needs, let Daylesford Makeup Services help you put your most beautiful face forward.


Special Evenings Business Occasions Professional Photos Models andActresses


Special Evenings

Maybe you are getting all dolled up for a holiday party and want to turn a few heads (or cause a little whiplash). Your dress is stunning your new hairdo is beautiful and you want your makeup to be just as elegant We can apply exotic or elegant evening makeup, even eyelashes that will look so natural only you will know you wearing them.

Business Occasions

Or maybe you're scheduled to be a guest speaker at a business meeting or conference. You're the professional when it comes to talking about your subject, you just want another professional to give you a hand with your makeup.

Professional Photos

Or maybe it's time for a family portrait and you want to look natural, polished healthy and confident. We can give you the touches to make your features stand out, not fade into the background.

Models and Actresses

And if you are a model or an actress who needs the help of a professional makeup artist to get camera ready, spend some time with Gary. He has worked actress’s and models for 24 years.

Beautiful You

Spend an entertaining and productive couple of hours in the privacy of Daylesford Makeup Service's Studio with professional makeup artist Gary Turner. Bring your whole makeup drawer with you and discuss with Gary what areas you'd like to focus on.  He will work with what  you have and offer suggestions for new products  to create a radiant natural look.

You'll leave the Studio with a face chart that notes the perfect colors for you, you may decide to toss all of your old tubes, jars, bottles and brushes into the trash can and buy some of Gary's recommendations. Or you may not either way, you'll leave loving the skin you're in and knowing you can create the look at home yourself.


At the Makeup Lesson you will learn how to:

* Cover those under-eye circles
* Cover rosacea, sun spot's and uneven pigmentation
* Keep your makeup fresh all day
* Highlight your eyes without heavy liner.
* Create a natural look for day or an evening
* Give your skin a dewy, healthy glow


At the Make-Up Lesson you will.

• Edit and streamline your makeup bag
• Learn colour theory and corrective beauty techniques
• Discover the value of quality makeup brushes
• Update your look and learn valuable new techniques
• Find out how to choose the right colors and products for your skin tone
• Understand the difference between choosing the right product vs fancy packaging
• Gain confidence that your new look is perfect for you


Things to know before your Make-Up Lesson.

* Allow two hours for the session
* Bring all your own products and brushes
* You should arrive without any makeup.


Teenage Makeup Lesson

Teenage girls love to experiment with makeup and what better way to get your daughter on the right track than with a private makeup lesson, She'll learn to skilfully wield those pesky brushes, how much eye shadow and blush is enough, how to apply eyeliner without looking like a raccoon and much more.

Your daughter can bring in her own beauty supplies and Gary will work with those as well as suggest products that might have a little more staying power or a little less shock value.

We suggest that teens receive a make-up lesson as soon as they begin experimenting and wearing makeup. However girls who are more experienced with makeup also learn valuable tips, and Gary can give them pointers for special nights or graduation photo sessions. Or maybe book a make up party for a birthday treat.


The Eye Make-Up Lesson

Getting bored with your eye make-up? Looking a bit tired and stressed? Or do you just need an update?

The Daylesford Makeup Services one hour Eye Makeup Lesson focuses on one thing only - your all important eyes. The colours and techniques you use are critical to beautiful eyes and the Eye Makeup Lesson will focus on perfecting your eye makeup applications skills,


You will learn

• Eye shadow basics
• The importance of quality brushes and how to use them.
• How to choose colours that will make your eyes really stand out.
• Day to evening looks
• Tricks and secrets the pros use


Make-Up Parties

“Most women struggle with how to put on makeup and those who wear it do a dismal job” Client comment, June 2001

Women can be their own worst critics, as you see from the remark above. Bit those are harsh words. You know your face better than anyone. You just might need a few tips on how to enhance the beauty you already have. Why bother? Because your face is the first thing that greets a new friend or client. And you can transform the image you have to make the most out of every encounter. It all starts with the ideas we share in our makeup lesson.
Working with a pro makeup artist offers you a carefully crafted makeover and discussion time---it relies on the best techniques long used on models actors and people just like you.

What we will cover
Choosing correct foundation individually, and correct application.
Tips on concealing
Many hints and tips.
Creating different looks, day and evening.
Choosing eye colours that enhance.
Trying all the latest products from my kit.
Learn tricks of the trade on how to contour your face to highlight your best features and minimise your flaws.
What lipstick colour should I wear. What blush colour should I wear.

What is involved

These classes/parties take place in your own home or if you would prefer a community hall, a club or centre.

I can guarantee a great day or evening, a relaxed atmosphere where everyone learns a lot and has a few laughs. From the complete novices to the more experienced everyone enjoys the party/class. There is nothing for you the host to do except maybe provide refreshments.

I provide everything necessary in makeup, all materials, and your party is done for you, even the cleaning up. (Maybe you could provide some nibbles for your guests.

The class duration is three hours with a maximum of 4 people.So you could also rock out after the class for a night on the town with your professional;ly applied face looking fabulous.

The cost of a three hour class is $250 with is fantastic value for 4 people.






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