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Your dress is one of a kind you've found the perfect hairstyle and your bridesmaids will look fantastic. The flowers, photographer, reception everything's taken care of.

Everything but your makeup On this most special of days, the star is you and your ordinary blush and mascara routine just, won't do, Not only will you be the centre of attention you will be in the spotlight for hours and you will be photographed over and over again. It takes planning and expert technique to look beautiful and flawlessly made-up all day. Bridal make-up is an art; one that Gary Turner at Daylesford Makeup Services has practiced for over 24 years.

Gary will suggest a flawless mineral makeup application on the day of your wedding. It is guaranteed to last all day even through all that hugging and kissing and smiling. He'll help you find the right lip colour and show you how to make it last from the moment you walk down the aisle till you leave the church with a new last name.

And your bridesmaids? Gary and his team of make-up artists can accommodate the entire bridal party, so you can rest assured that everyone will look classy and lovely on your wedding day.

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